Cryo Face Treatment AKA Cryo FaceLift

Cryo Face Treatment A.K.A. Cryo FaceLift

Did you know that you can get a facelift without getting surgery? We have a truly amazing treatment here at Cryogenix Rejuvenation and Recovery. Our cryo facial treatment involves exposing your skin to specific cold temperatures for a specific amount of time, which triggers vasoconstriction, collagen production, and helps reduce inflammation, redness and swelling. Once the treatment is complete, blood vessels dilate, allowing for increased blood flow to the treated area. Pulse Shockwave, which uses low-level electrical currents to stimulate the underlying muscles, improving their tone and firmness is also part of this revolutionary treatment. Regular sessions can lift and sculpt the face and neck muscles.

We have many clients that have experienced great results. It is important to know that the treatments are a process not an event. Clients can expect to have a series of treatments to produce the results one is looking for just like exercise which needs to be regularly done. This exciting treatment promotes a natural process that needs time for the collagen to produce its plumping effects.

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“I can’t believe the results I have received, a deep wrinkle in my chin area is already plumped up with nothing other than 4 cryo lift treatments.” Kathleen P.

“The eleven lines on my forehead are disappearing. It is so amazing. And I can’t believe there was no down time.”
Susan E.

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